Friday, May 9, 2008

GLOCAL IN SECOND LIFE! Phase One Point Five - More Speculation...

Our tiny little GLOCAL sign has now evolved to the size of a billboard (the little sign is still in the park) and has now been formally placed on top of the retail facade looking over the plaza of Canada in SL. In about a week, this will evolve further into a video-billboard but for now, it just has our newest logo. The billboard was not placed where we had originally intended but is good enough for our promotional and marketing purposes.

Hey there GLOCAL blog-readers!

We have some more progress to report on GLOCAL's presence in the popular virtual world known as Second Life:

1) We have received some price quotes on having the Surrey Techlab in SL. This includes both the architectural estimate and the land rental costs.

2) We have a billboard now in Canada in SL. In a few days, we should have our flash animation promo video embedded into the billboard for all to see.

3) The Surrey Art Gallery's Curator and Coordinator have been speculating some other islands such as the possibility of setting roots on the popular artists' community known as Odyssey Island (curated by Sugar Seville) as a place to host the entire Surrey Art Gallery.

Here are some more photos of our current situation for you:

This was where the GLOCAL billboard was initially placed.

Here is the GLOCAL Coordinator Newton Dinzeo inside someone else's retail space in the Canada in SL Plaza (trespassing allowed, right?)..Newton took this pic to get a better ambient view of the billboard outside. This space has some nice hardwood floors!

Here is a pic of Newton zooming out via flying in order to get a better sense of Canada in SL's overall island-shape... From this perspective, it looks like just one big box and not the conventional image of what an island should appear to be.

Here is the office space in the basement of Canada in SL that has been temporarily reserved for the (or perhaps just "one of many) Techlab(s).

Here is a pic showing Newton and Canada in SL's Manager Raine Renard inside of this reserved space...He thinks it would be good enough for a temporary Techlab, wouldn't you agree?

Here is a pic of Newton sitting in what might be one of the Techlab's immediate neighbors in the conference space below the plaza.

Here is Newton posing with Canada in SL's Decorator Pielady Smalls (who is also a member of Dancoyote Antonelli's Skydancers) and the architect, Sam Portocarrero from a subcontracted company called Dominion Custom Homes. They are figuring out how to embed our Flash promo animation into the new you can see, Sam is scratching his head trying to come up with a solution. We finally figured out that the GLOCAL Artist Jer Thorp will need to convert the flash anim into a Quicktime Movie (MOV). Hopefully that will be ready later this week :-)

With regards to the company (Raine and Ramada), we got some price quotes for the space rentals and the building of the Techlab so we are moving forward.

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